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Medical & Healthcare

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    Temperature - Mask SafePass Kiosk

    Since the fever is one of the commonly recognized symptoms of illness like influenza and COVID-19, temperature-scanning and mask-wearing have become commonplace while we enter public or commercial locations.
    Shuttle’s contactless temperature - mask safepass kiosk integrates with advanced AI and face detection technology. It allows visitors and employees to walk up to the kiosk and get temperature automatically without touching the screen and detecting whether they are wearing a mask through face positioning. This kiosk can be placed anywhere indoors, and now it with 15.6-inch and 21-inch panel available for option. It is ideal for hospitals, manufacturing, office buildings, schools, retails, and other venues to provide a safe employee and customer environment.
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    Smart Health Station

    The Smart Health Station is a thoughtful and all-in-one self-service solution that integrates advanced computing technologies and hardware peripherals compatible with Rossmax’s Bluetooth health monitoring devices and cloud App to provide body fat scale, blood pressure test, blood oxygen measure, blood glucose meter, and temperature measurement. The Smart Health Station can be placed in pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and other public places.
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