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Medical Panel PC

  • Industrial Computer  M21AL01


    Medical-grade 21.5" Touch Panel PC | Powerful Adaptability for Varied Healthcare Tasks

    The Shuttle M21AL01, a medical-grade touch panel PC, meets stringent standards such as IEC/EN 60601-1, CE, and FCC class-B certifications. With a 21.5" front Panel IP65 rated display supporting 10-point multi-touch and glove-touch capabilities, it enhances usability. Additionally, it features antibacterial coating, fan-less design, and dust-proofing for enhanced hygiene and reliable 24/7 operation.

    The model supports a range of options, including 13th-gen Raptor Lake-U/UE Processors and 12th-gen Intel® Alder Lake-U/UE Processors. Additionally, the integrated Intel® Iris Xe Graphics ensures smooth visual performance. The M21AL01 delivers impressive performance with Its dual displays, dual LAN, and customizable I/O configuration, ensuring seamless integration into demanding environments. It accommodates various peripherals for applications such as hospital queue management, treatment discussion, and digital signage in medical environments.
  • Industrial Computer  M15AL01


    Medical-grade 15.6" Touch Panel PC | Compact and Function-Rich for Healthcare settings

    The Shuttle M15AL01 is a compact medical-grade touch panel PC, certified to meet stringent standards including IEC/EN 60601-1, CE, and FCC class-B. Featuring a 15.6" with front bezel panel IP65 rating, the screen supports 10-point multi-touch and glove-touch capabilities, enhancing usability in medical settings. The antibacterial coating, along with fanless design, and dust-proofing, make it suitable for medical institutions and clean rooms.

    Capable of 13th-gen Raptor Lake-U/UE Processors, 12th-gen Intel® Alder Lake-U/UE Processors, and Intel® Iris Xe Graphics, the M15AL01 delivers impressive performance. Moreover, the M15AL01 supports triple displays, dual LAN, and customizable I/O configuration, ensuring seamless integration into demanding environments, accommodating various peripherals for medical HMI, Fab process control, telemedicine, and more.
  • Industrial Computer  M21WL01


    Medical-grade Fanless 21.5

    M21WL01 is a medical-grade fanless panel PC with safety IEC/EN 60601-1, CE, and FCC class-B medical certificated, featuring a sizeable 21.5-inch PCAP touchscreen and antibacterial housing that helps with infection control for clinicians' and patients' safety. Powered by Intel® Whiskey Lake-U/UE processor, M21WL01 delivers high-performance computing in durability and functionality. Regarding its flexible connectivity, the model includes four USB 3.2 Gen1, three RS232, dual Intel Gigabit LAN, WiFi 802.11ac+BT 5.0, and allows users to select different I/O ports to enhance system versatility. In addition, it offers a POAG connector, mainly used in hospitals and laboratories, to connect items for grounding and potential equalization. It eliminates stray voltages by spreading them to all devices by bringing them to the same potential. Especially for operating rooms, life-support machines, and medical systems, fail-safe medical connectors are essential for patients and medical professionals to reduce the risk of electric shock and further ensure medical equipment’s reliability. M21WL01 is well-designed for various medical services, serving as information displays for operating rooms, bedside infotainment terminals, medical carts, and hospital digital signage.
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