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Gallery Specifications Compatibility
Model number Description
DA320 Robust 1.3-liter PC for AMD Ryzen APU with Socket AM4
DH32U/DH32UE SERIES Speed up your creation Powerful 4K with Quad display support
DH410 Experience the 10th Gen Power Full-sized PC Performance in a tiny footprint
DH470 Robust Multitasking 1 liter PC for Three Displays Powered by Intel 10th Gen Processors
DH610 13th/12th Gen Hybrid Power Makes Multitask Easy
DH670/DH670 V2 13th/12th Gen Intel Core™ AI-Enhanced Slim PC Ultra-Visual Upgrades: Four Displays Productivity
DL20N/DL20N V2 SERIES Best Budget Fanless Business PC. Powerful, Energy-Saving and Robust Connectivity
DS10U SERIES Fanless, Energy-efficient Slim PC for the 8th Gen Intel Processors
DS20U/DS20U V2 SERIES Fanless 1-liter PC With Intel 10th Gen. Processor
XH510G2 4.75-liter Space-Saving Volume Build on a Solid Foundation with PCI-Ex16 Slot
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