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Model number Description
DH02U SERIES More Robust than Ever: 1 liter PC with NVIDIA graphics and 4 x HDMI
DH110 Drive 4K and Rich Interactive Content with Intel® skylake platform
DH110 SE A good value 4K signage player
DH270 Rugged and powerful enough to drive even up to three 4K displays
DH310 Small Package, Big Value: 1-liter Coffee Lake PC with Dual 4K Display Support
DH310S Solid Entry-level Choice: Affordable 1-liter PC with Dual 4K Display Support
DH310V2 Small Package, Big Value: 1-liter Coffee Lake PC with Dual 4K Display Support
DH370 Engineered to Performance: Powerful 1-liter 4K PC for Three Displays
DH410 Experience the 10th Gen Power Full-sized PC Performance in a tiny footprint
DH610 13th/12th Gen Hybrid Power Makes Multitask Easy
DH670/DH670 V2 13th/12th Gen Intel Core™ AI-Enhanced Slim PC Ultra-Visual Upgrades: Four Displays Productivity
DL10J Entry-level Redefined: Fanless 1 liter PC with Intel Gemini Lake
DL20N/DL20N V2 SERIES Best Budget Fanless Business PC. Powerful, Energy-Saving and Robust Connectivity
DX30 A space and energy saver with new Intel® Apollo Lake platform
NC02U SERIES A palm-sized 4K portable PC-NC02U series
NC03U SERIES Small size, full-featured Mini PC with new Kabylake platform
NC10U SERIES Palm-sized, 4K Capable Box PC with New Whiskey Lake
NC40U SERIES Multi-Tasking & Superior Performance for Your Business Needs
P22U An 11.6” Space-saving POS Terminal for Your Business
SH110R4 A cost-effective entry-level Mini PC for your solutions
SH310R4 Affordable Scalability: Entry-Level Coffee Lake Mini Cube
SH310R4 V2 Get Performance and Affordability: New Expandable Entry Level Mini Cube
SH370R6 Next Level Performance: High-end Mini Cube PC with Coffee Lake Processors
SH370R6 PLUS SH370R6 Plus
SH370R6 V2 Next Level Performance: High-end Mini Cube PC with Coffee Lake Processors
SH370R8 Built for Unlimited: High-Performance Flagship XPC Cube
SH510R4 Economical and Capable Workstation - Your Best Choice of Entry-level PC
SH570R6 Custom Multi-Core and Fast Workstation PC for Professional Use
SH570R8 Powerful Workstation with Intel 11th Gen. Empower Professional Applications with Reliability and Expandability
SH610R4 The Versatile PC Supports Brand New 13th Gen Intel® Processors
SW580R8 Leap to Next Level Productivity. Solid and Feature-Rich for Every Professional
SZ170R8 V2 The ideal Mini PC for Storage and Mini server
SZ270R8 New Mini PC packs 4K and High-end VGA cards with Kabylake platform
SZ270R9 Light up the Battlefield
XC60J Completely Fanless, Highly Connectable Slim PC
XH110/XH110V A connectable media player to drive Digital Signage and Kiosk
XH110G Compact and Robust Multi-display Digital Signage Player –XH110G
XH270 Compact 3-liter XPC slim for up to four Hard Drives
XH310/XH310V Great Value Versatility: 3-liter 4K PC with Next-Gen Performance
XH310R/XH310RV Compact 4K PC with High Scalability for Diverse Applications
XH410G 3-liter mini-PC with a PCIE x16 slot enables more functionality
XH510G 3 liter Mini PC with An Extra PCI-e x 16 Slot Supports Flexibility in Edge Computing
XH510G2 4.75-liter Space-Saving Volume Build on a Solid Foundation with PCI-Ex16 Slot
XH610/XH610V Combination of Connectivity and High Computing. Exceptional Reliability and Optimization to Your Business
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